Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Senior show postcards

So the senior show coming up in a few weeks requires individual postcards from both deb and i, so we knew ours had to somewhat go along because our thesis is together. so the main guideline was:

we were both going to have red rhinestone studded barb wires pouring out of our eyes into each other.

so we took some black and white pictures, went to the art store and got some supplies, each did our own thing in our own rooms (albeit a peek every now and then), and here's what happened...

I was listening to the mammatus record outside, doodling, scanning and photoshopping. then this one song came on and i wasn't quite fully aware since i was deep in work. at this point, i was fiddling around with the brain guts and hand reaching out part of the card and then i realized the music was just totally in sync with what i was doing and feeding me all these feelings! low heavy bass notes, slow pounding drums and a heart-wrenching roar and ughhhhhh, i am listening to the same song as i am writing this and i think i just wanna toss myself into the sea and mush into foam!

i looked back on my card just now after it was done and was telling deb how i got this whole weird human/deep sea fish creature prowling the ocean and sending out her evil fish minions vibe from it even though i did not consciously set out to make it that way.

and which brings me back to the name of the song i was/am listening to (i just repeated the song again).

"The Coast Explodes"


p.s. deb was blasting motorhead.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


david lupton i get you!!!!!! ughhhhhh

The Horrors She Is The New Thing

i want to do something like this!!!! and i think we will AMAZING

just plain awesomeness all around

ok...so as you read bellow, this week has been a pretty fucking awesome week in music for us.
the witch/titan/graveyard show on wednesday was AMAZING...now i have amazing new music to listen to (namely witch) and also a new crush...ahem ahem.
riding on that high (and the one from just watching Step Up to the Streets!), we went to another show last night at market hotel
and saw these are powers, old time relijun and some other great bands- the venue is an amazing space..lots of moshing again, we didn't quite join in but we were definetly going nuts jumping and just wriggling out to drone...fun fun fun! although it did take the assistance of a local crazy woman to help us find the place...somehow by looking at us she new exactly where we were going...hmmm wonder why?

anyways....in other news! i just wanted to post some amazing lyrics that i've had on my stickies for awhile:

the chelsea girl is in black and white... her golden hair in her hand
wires are running down her face and her garden is full with no room for you

Had a man in Black Mountain, sweetest man in town,
Had a man in Black Mountain, sweetest man in town;
He met a city gal and he throned me down.

I'm bound for Black Mountain, me and my razor and my gun,
I'm bound for Black Mountain, me and my razor and my gun;
gonna shoot him if he stands still, and cut him if he run.

"livin.....in the USA...and i like.....to get my brains blown out"