Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jacques and the Jewel Thief

The new Fall 2009 stuff is up on the site!!!

"Jacques and the Jewel Thief"

We showed it over a month ago for Fall fashion week and finally got around to putting the story together in its entirety with a photoshoot.

This season, there are tops, skirts, coats, cardigans, hats, awesome bags (with toys!!!) and crazy ass dresses! We use vintage rhinestones on the dresses and bags that have them.

As always, all our illustrations are hand-silkscreened / hand-painted right here in New York!

Will keep you posted on when they get into the stores.

Hope you enjoy!

-tiff and deb

***** Thanks to Craig, Bailey, Naoko, Amanda, Kris and Chris for bringing it to the shoot!!! You guys are awesome! And also thanks to Paul for letting us run wild in his beautiful home!