Saturday, September 27, 2008

CACTI! (and frogs and restrooms)

so...i was told that i don't post enough (which is true). So its time to get my lazy ass off the couch and onto the inter-web!!!

We went to LA a few weeks ago for the Tee Pee Records Manifest Destiny Festival- which was of course, beyond awesome. 9 straight hours of sludge, drone, drudge, mush, mind-melt, fuzz, mess, slow growing mold, and of course HEAD BANGING.....haha and of course the all powerful Obama was watching over it all (literally there was a huge cardboard cut-out of Obama in one of the stage wings- watching over the whole spectacle)

anyway- we also got to see nature..and i took lots of pictures of cacti.
We love cacti! we even have our own cacti in our rooms (Tiff you should take a picture of the hairy one and post it!)


Anonymous said...

girl your lazy ass was on the couch when you made this post!