Sunday, November 15, 2009

In the country

I recently spent some time up in boston visiting my dear friend W. Besides bringing me around to her favorite new (and old) places to eat, satisfying my lobster fix, getting drunk together at a scrumptious dinner party by a wonderful host, hitting up the thrift stores with me, and entertaining me with fascinating tidbits of her life as a medical researcher (growing human ears on mice, slicing cadavers and hairy dead knee parts, sitting in on haitian voodoo healing rituals, medical journals that reveal the horrors of laundromat hygiene pertaining to the human sperm, etc),

we also spent some time in the Massachusetts countryside and visited a vegetable farm. It was one of those anomalies in the fall weather where it was warm enough for us to scurry about the farm grounds wearing just a single layer of clothing. It felt amazing to be out in the countryside under such clear blue skies with no buildings or traffic or anything, feeling both the warmth of the sun and the crisp cool fall air tingling against your skin. Running around, scampering about and digging amongst the different patches to see what surprises laid beneath. Pumpkin, squash, carrots, turnips, leeks, lettuces, collards and other various leafy greens, herbs - fresh cilantro!!!! yummmmmmm.......... Too bad I had to leave before we got around to cooking them up. Though W did use the produce as part of the cooking school tutorials she posts.

She made pumpkin sweetened by boiling with dashi, salt, mirin (Japanese sweet wine) and sugar. Delicious stuff!

W mid drunken prance on the T

I cannot stress enough how much I love cilantro! Perhaps this photo helps.

Lettuce Patch

Lettuce Galore - romaine, butter, mesclun!

My life forever

I shall leave you with Sleepy Sun - if they come to your town, you HAVE to see them. This is one of the slower mellower songs off the album.

Play "Lord" by Sleepy Sun
From the album Embrace - 2009 - 5:39