Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Settling back in...

So it's been a month since I got back from home and between jet lag and Deb not being around, it took me pretty damn long to just get back into the groove of things.. But I did spend whatever nice weather outdoors grabbing brunches, walking around, bbq-ing, hanging out with friends, trying new food, finding even more new things to eat! And today is an awesome day because today marks the day when we learn all our hopes for the summer are about to come true - meaning 3 out of 3 bands that we were praying hard would make it out to NY will indeed be here! YEA!!!!!!

Meanwhile, Death by Drone is going to be in a few more stores this upcoming Fall season so it's all going good... Look out for stuff in stores late August or September!

Stay cool in the muggy weather!

I can't believe my phone camera took this.

My new lunchbox I got from back home - containing cucumber rolls!