Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Swallowtail (Live) can do no wrong!

wow, matt hollywood is playing the BJM show tonight and we're not there. hearing from a friend who's at the show right now. But Terminal 5 is a wretch so all's well with me just sitting here polishing off a PBJ and listening to a lethal combination of swallowtail/evergreen/whenjokersattack/openheartsurgery/truelove/stillborn on repeat. anton anton anton - you spew tales of diarrhea and runny noses, possess(ed) a ridiculously bandwidth unfriendly myspace page, moved to iceland and changed your last name to fjordson, but you damn sure write some good songs!

anyway, it has been a strange peculiar day that ended with me having an hour long conversation about the times and the people and the travesty that is modern day existence, with some french dude, on an empty street, in bushwick, in the rain. I reminded both of us of the fact that a chicken could run around after its head's been chopped off. He gave me his grandma's recipe for goat's cheese and grapes on baguette (green grapes! not too ripe!). And at the end, we just went back along our own ways, as two random people whose paths merely intersected briefly... Some meaning, not much, just enough.

In other news, spring's halfassedly here...

...and photos of the new stuff will be up soon!

The Cosmic Hoot Council, Jan 2009