Thursday, June 5, 2008

Back from the dead with one foot in the grave

So we've been busy with the shithole that practical life can be. Still are, but we're taking some time to put these photos up. Some are from the exhibition, some are from our graduation ceremony. I have the photographer's site lying around somewhere and I will put it up when I find it. (Thanks Brandon!!)

There are some bizarre ones that I guess our department decided not to put up on flickr, but I will get my hands on those soon. And our giant book of tiny characters too! Will put those up on the site soon.

Anyway, busy busy busy... with my thoughts.


And I'm putting these in because... I think this is actually the very first time I've had a picture taken with a dog. And not really, cos my tech-unsavvy boss was trying to take a picture but ended up taking a video instead so... it's dorky and lame but here's me and max. just cos.