Friday, March 21, 2008

great to be back

so i went off to maine for a week and it was nice being by the coast and in the woods but it feels the best to get back after a 12 hour journey with no plans made for the evening and then realize that I had an awesome show waiting for me. all i did in maine was stuff i didn't have time to do in new york anyway - buy music (old dead meadow stuff) and toys (two playmobil figures and i'm majorly regretting the fact that i didn't get the toy accordian)

i made it back in time to catch witch, titan and graveyard at luna lounge. of course it was raining as it does everything we/i head out to luna.

deb and i missed the previous witch show due to bad timing/bad weather/sickness/crap and i'm so glad i didn't miss this one. also managed to catch graveyard (from sweden) and they were rocking it. the singer had that type of traditionally good classic rock voice which i don't hear too often. i was also happy i manage to catch titan doing more of their psych/prog/metal thing since the last time i saw them, they were very very metalled out.

deb bought the really sweet gig poster that looks something like this, only with a dark crimson red in it too. we can't stop ogling at it like how we can't stop listening to 'seer' by witch.

witch closed with seer and people went nuts. some dude in the front was majorly headbanding and hair flipping about 3 people's worth of space and then some kids decided to start moshing, which i am totally down for as long as it doesn't involve me. i was right on the sidelines to witness the shit when it happened at a cheeseburger show at the knitting factory. that was fine, i love seeing people going nuts. but i was right smack in the middle of this when it happened. 180 lb dudes and i don't belong in a mosh pit together. they wake up the next day vaguely remembering prancing around to sweet tunes, i wake up with major bruises. yep.

i think i was pissed off at one particular point in time when some guy crashed really hard into me that i literally kicked his ass - kicked.his.ass... between.the.butt.cheeks.semi.up.the.crack

i don't think he felt anything though... hmmm. gotta love those damn moshers.


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